Meet Ipanema

The origin

We are on the slopes of Furnas Lake, inside the largest farm in the world. Ipanema Coffees (Minas Gerais - Brazil).

At an altitude of between 850 and 1350 meters, 5500 hectares is home to 13 million Arabica coffee trees that annually produce more than 7000 tons of 100% Arabica coffee.

Among all these coffee beans, only the best are carefully selected and used to produce IPANEMA ESPRESSO®, which according to the Rain Forest Alliance is recognized as the best Brazilian coffee and one of the four best specialty coffees in the world.

Since 1969

Ipanema Coffees has allocated time and resources to study environmental and social actions in Brazil, trying to find a way to solve their problems. Ipanema Coffees has always been supporting local projects. In 1997 it was decided to create a Social Committee that would analyze the company's actions over the years to improve future social actions. This committee led the creation of the Ipanema Institute in 2003.


Ipanema Espresso® is traced in all its stages of production from seed to cup.

The final consumer wants to know everything about the coffee he is drinking. With Ipanema Espresso® you will know all the parties involved in the production chain, from the farm where the coffee grows to the local distributor and the places to drink it.

We guarantee constant quality over time and in all markets. The taste profile of Ipanema Espresso® is always the same, no matter where and when you drink it.

All packaging has a traceability seal that allows the batch of each production to be traced.

Roasting and taste profile

Roasting is the most important and the last stage of coffee production. For this reason, this stage has to be carefully managed by our master roaster who follows the roasting parameters specially created for Ipanema Espresso®, guaranteeing the same roast profile in each production.

Subtle acidity, balanced body, pronounced sweetness and tricky aftertaste that makes your brain want to drink another cup instantly.


The last stage of Ipanema Espresso® beans. Our distributors are not only dedicated to selling coffee at the POS but they also share the vision and mission of Ipanema Espresso® with all their customers and these with the final consumer.

They combine their business skills with their knowledge of the coffee industry to provide the best service, but their most important role is to educate their customers on how to present Ipanema Espresso® and to extract the perfect cup. This is the best way to give the final consumer the taste profile created for Ipanema Espresso®. It is our Core, the way in which we differentiate ourselves from other specialty coffees.

Our distributors have specific departments to train their clients, from barista training to branding at the POS.


Ipanema Espresso® has very little caffeine because it is 100% Arabica, however we have decaffeinated for those who want or need it.

  • 3kg can Natural
  • 2kg can Decaffeinated
  • 250gr can Natural and Decaffeinated
  • 7gr ESE PODS (Easy Serving Espresso)

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