Ipanema Espresso

GOLD in Great Taste Awards Contest of London in the Espresso category.

The proven experience of true specialty coffee

We turn your coffee into a pleasant experience that will make you repeat.

The roasters call it “second cup”; many looking for it and some get it during some production.

Ipanema Espresso has it since birth essence 

Distinctions and Awards

Aftertaste Hypnotist

Ipanema Espresso® leaves in your brain a pleasure aftertaste which makes you try another cup instantly. Our customers double their coffee volume sales when they start with Ipanema Espresso®.

100% Certificated

Good Agricultural Practices, Sustainable Production and Social & Enviromental Responsibility (RainForest, UTZ, FairTrade, CSC…)

Quality in time Guaranteed

Brazil, Spain, Greece, Uk, Turkey, Uzbekistan wherever you drink it, either yesterday, today or in 10 years, Ipanema Espresso® production ends in the same taste profile

Traced from seed to cup

Where, who, when, how…?

Do you wonder about all these questions while you drink your coffee?

Ipanema Espresso® is traced in al the production stages from seed to cup

Single estate coffee

Ipanema Espresso® grows only in the Ipanema Coffees farm in Minas Gerais (Brazil).

Combines the perfection of climate, terroir and Arabica trees.

We invite you to be part of this great family, sharing our obsession with quality.


We have  large knowledge in international HORECA distribution so we will help you in all stages of the decision process 


Do you have a cafe store and you want to up grade the quality of your coffee? If you are also obsessed with quality you are in great hands. We will make your business succeed from the coffee category.


If we are already in your market, you can have the chance of being a sub-distributor in your area of influence by contacting to our representative in your market.


Are you thinking to open your own store and want to obtain  Ipanema Espresso®? We will help you with the introduction and development of the Ipanema Espresso® vision and mission.

Organoleptic profile


Algunos de nuestros clientes

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